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Nikhil Shristhi Wedding

  • Bridegroom : Shristhi
  • Bride : Nikhil
  • Wedding : Traditional Wedding
  • No. Of Guest : 150
  • Wedding Month : 20-21 June
  • Bridegroom : Bihar
  • Bride : Rajasthan

Wedding Testimonials of Nikhil and Shristhi

“A destination wedding can be stressful to plan and execute” that is what both the families thought before we met Niraj ji & Ajay ji from Rajasthan Royal Weddings. And then it turned out that “it was actually fun’ no stress at all”. Nikhil’s family is from Bihar and I belong to Rajasthan. There is huge cultural gap and mismatch in our likes and dislikes. I remember we used to have meetings with the entire family and the team of Rajasthan Royal Wedding became part of us, and by the end they knew each one of us, our likes and dislikes and really became part of the celebration.

In spite of different backgrounds, both family were really sure of what we wanted in wedding. Niraj ji ensures the planning and those months of endless meetings were should look like just a big party, rather than a task. I think it was a good gesture on his part, as wedding planners must be able to join in the family and really make everyone comfortable.

That’s how you create memories!! Apart from Niraj ji and Ajay ji, the entire team of Rajasthan Royal Wedding was a bunch of really warm and pleasant people, and that made all the difference.

A special thing about Rajasthan Royal Wedding is they don’t take it as their job, they are passionate people who love their craftsmanship and always proactive to satisfy our wishes. Thanks for all lovely moments took place during the 3 memorable days at Bhairavgarh, Udaipur.


Nikhil And Shristhi

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