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Destination Wedding in Jodhpur

Destination wedding in Jodhpur can be an amazing life changing experience for you if you have dreamt about destination wedding ever in life. With so many options in Rajasthan, it’s no wonder why destination wedding in Jodhpur is so popular among Indians and foreigners. Jodhpur is the city located in Thar Desert and provides authentic geo feeling of Rajasthan. Getting married in the sand land with folk Rajasthani music in background sounds like a scene from Bollywood movie. We at Rajasthan Royal Wedding – leading destination wedding planner in Rajasthan help you to organize and execute your dream sequence about destination wedding in Jodhpur.

Wedding Planner in Jodhpur

Once you made your mind to get married in Jodhpur than second important query occur about who is the best wedding planner in Jodhpur. We at Rajasthan Royal Wedding ensure you that we will take care of your all small and big requirement with uttermost attention. Since our inception as destination wedding planner in Rajasthan we have organized several weddings in Jodhpur especially Thar Desert locations. Our expert team and high hospitality values makes us the best wedding planner in Jodhpur. Working with us is very easy in current digital scenario. Using the latest technology you can make your choices via the internet, speak to us as often as you would like to via the telephone or email and of course meet us here in Jodhpur.

Hotel Indana Palace
Hotel Ajit Bhawan Jodhpur

Destination Wedding Cost in Jodhpur

Unlike other destination wedding planner in Jodhpur we do not sell packages. However our management team first listens to your requirements and understands the canvas of wedding and accordingly suggest you the best pocket friendly solution. Destination wedding cost in Jodhpur varies based on mainly two parameters wedding venue and supporting arrangements. We at Rajasthan Royal Wedding have great choices of venue when it comes to destination wedding in Jodhpur which includes hotels, Thar resorts and camp sites.

To know more about destination wedding cost in Jodhpur, destination wedding venues in Jodhpur and Rajasthan Royal Wedding services contact us today!