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Alap Krutika Wedding

  • Bridegroom : Dr. Alap
  • Bride : Dr. Krutika
  • Wedding : Royal Wedding
  • No. Of Guest : 120
  • Wedding Month : 17, 18 November 2018
  • Bridegroom : Ahmedabad
  • Bride : Ahmedabad

Wedding Testimonials of Alap and Krutika

We are the Doctors and both us like to keep a track of everything. We get involved the wedding planning from first day itself. We need someone who could fulfill all our whims and fancies without having the luxury of actually having those luxuries around.

After going through the reviews and some suggestion from our circle, we decided to go for Rajasthan Royal Weddings as our destination wedding planner in Udaipur and at wedding we found that they are truly class apart. You tell your wish and there you go! We felt like we had a Ginnie and not a wedding planner.

Our relatives were traveling from different parts of the world and the city is not well connected when it comes to international destinations. But these guys arranged everything. Mr. Niraj , Mr. Ajay and their team was highly professional. Starting from providing us the most perfect choreographers, videographers, photographers, he and his team arranged everything for us. All we can say is, it’s easy to execute a beautiful royal wedding only when you have a wedding planner like Rajasthan Royal Weddings.


Dr. Alap And Dr. Krutika

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