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November 15, 2022
Wedding Procession on Decorated Horse
Wedding Procession on Decorated Horse by
February 25, 2023
Wedding Procession on Decorated Elephant

Rajasthan Royal Weddings is a wedding planning company in India that specializes in organizing traditional Rajasthani weddings, which often include a wedding procession on a decorated elephant. The company is known for providing an authentic and memorable experience for couples and their guests.

The company follows a similar process to the one outlined earlier for a wedding procession on a decorated elephant. However, Rajasthan Royal Weddings offers a more customized and luxurious experience for their clients. Here are some additional details on how Rajasthan Royal Weddings may organize a wedding procession on a decorated elephant:

Selecting the elephant: Rajasthan Royal Weddings selects well-trained and highly decorated elephants for their wedding processions. The elephants are often adorned with custom-made decorations that include traditional Rajasthani motifs and colors.

Preparing the elephant: The elephants are bathed and groomed before the wedding procession to ensure they look their best. The mahouts (elephant handlers) work closely with the elephants to ensure they are comfortable and safe during the procession.

Coordinating the procession: Rajasthan Royal Weddings coordinates the entire wedding procession, which includes a band of traditional Rajasthani musicians, dancers, and camels. The procession follows a predetermined route and is led by the decorated elephant carrying the bridegroom.

Adding unique elements: Rajasthan Royal Weddings often adds unique elements to their wedding processions on decorated elephants. For example, they may provide a royal umbrella or a traditional fan made of peacock feathers to the bridegroom to add to the grandeur of the procession.

Providing safety and comfort: Rajasthan Royal Weddings ensures that the elephants are treated with respect and care during the procession. The elephants are provided with regular breaks to rest, and they are never forced to perform any unnatural behaviors.

Overall, a wedding procession on a decorated elephant by Rajasthan Royal Weddings is a luxurious and customized experience that highlights the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. However, it’s important to note that the welfare of the elephants involved in such processions should always be a top priority, and any such event should adhere to ethical and sustainable practices.