Trending And Traditional Wedding Decor Ideas

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September 21, 2022
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September 21, 2022

Trending and Traditional Wedding Decor Ideas

What can be better than having the trendiest decoration on your wedding? Particularly when you know that bunch of innovative ideas are available and there is a lot to experiment in wedding decoration, it is natural to get elated and take your excitement to next level. Evidently, you have help existing at the stretch of your hand – online! You can get a plethora of clues online in terms of wedding decor, but it is good to involve professionals so that you also know the practicality of your ideas.

This article updates on some of the trending and traditional wedding décor ideas for Indian weddings and to find out how they can be fittingly used at a destination wedding in Jaipur.

Selection of a decoration idea largely depends upon how grand or minimal you want to keep it. Some points must be kept under consideration.

•    You cannot ignore the fact that stage is the central point where everything is going to happen. Most importantly, this is the area most in focus for all the still and video shooting that happens around. Therefore, you must pay special attention to every minute detail of the stage.

•    Depending upon the space available, you can go with a floral backdrop for the stage. It is pretty impressive to have a mix of floral decoration with contrasting curtains or matching fabrics hanging on both sides.

•    Colour scheme plays a vital role in terms of stage decoration. If you have already themed the wedding on a particular colour theme, you can magnify the idea here because stage is the best place to make your idea more vibrantly visible. This is where everyone’s attention stays for the longest time and so you got a good prospect to showcase your decoration talent here.

    Dedicating a separate ‘selfie zone’ or ‘snapping area’ is not a bad thought either. You may have a separate decoration plan for this area and make it another centre of attraction for the guests. While the main stage will remain occupied all the time, you will give one more option to the visitors to drop and snap when they feel like.

    Ask your destination wedding planner in Jaipur and they will tell you there is a lot of decoration material which can be bought readymade. If you are short of time and don’t have anyone to help, you can go straight to the market and get what you want.

•    When you are on a budget wedding, floral or fabric decoration may sound expensive. In that case, you may choose paper to decorate the stage backdrop and it looks quite impressive. With paper decoration too, you can get a good blend of trending and traditional. You may require bit of research for this but it is worth spending some time in doing so.

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