The Amar Mahal,Udaipur


The Amar Mahal,Udaipur

The Amar Mahal, located at the centre of the city Udaipur, would showcase the beauty of the town, from mesmerising dawns to relieving sunsets. Profoundly well known as the city of lakes, Udaipur would never miss a chance to portray its royalty & luxury. The Amar Mahal adds to the core of luxe stays and vivid amenities.

Udaipur is also known as Venice of the East and the City of Lakes. A beautiful destination for vacationers with heritage spots dotted throughout the town, The Amar Mahal brings an equivalently charismatic option for budget accommodation in Udaipur. Moreover, it provides a glance into the tradition of Rajasthan with its boutique rooms and suite in Udaipur, which are styled traditionally with beautiful wall frescos and headboards. A rooftop eatery overlooking the stirring skyline is the icing on the cake.

World-class establishments and amenities make it one of the elegant hotels in Udaipur near the lake.

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