Post Wedding Ceremonies


Post Wedding Ceremonies

Indian weddings are a series of ceremonies that make them by far the most lavish marriages across the world. Besides the main wedding rituals, there is number of pre wedding ceremonies and post wedding ceremonies. Ceremonies like Vidaai, Dwar-Rokai, Reception, Griha Pravesh, Mooh Dikhai and Pag Phera took place in a series one after another post wedding. We, at Rajasthan Royal Weddings, have the best team to organize not only the destination wedding but these post wedding functions too. Usually a lot more focus is put over the planning of destination wedding by wedding planners and families and these rituals get covered under the same planning. If your destination wedding is planned in royal theme, then why not the Vidaai & Reception should have a similar or different theme.

Let’s take a look at ritual performed as post-wedding ceremony:


It is probably the most emotional ritual in the series of Indian weddings. The Vidaai marks the departure of the bride with groom to his home after performing all the main rituals and taking the marriage vows.

In modern times Vidaai is carried out at the site of wedding only, where family and friends shower blessing and gifts apart from bidding tearful farewell. Though, it is a highly personalized and emotional affair, but hey! Why not plan the look and feel of the ceremony well in advance which you can cherish for long.


In modern times Wedding Reception usually takes place the very next day of the wedding or maybe after a gap of one or two days post-wedding. Out of many post-wedding functions, this one is performed at groom’s home or organized by the groom’s family. The reception is nothing but a well-organized party held as a post wedding ceremony, where the bride is introduced to the relatives, family members and friends. The reception is subjected to the society’s tradition but again if you have planned a destination wedding, why not plan a theme based reception as well that can reflect on the wedding itself or altogether a different theme setup. Well, the choice is always yours!


Dwar-Rokai, another important post wedding function. It is performed when the newlywed couple reaches the groom's home and groom's sister restricts the couple entry at the entrance only. The couple is allowed to enter only after giving some gifts to her. Well, what if groom’s sister comes with some props and additional melodrama? You can plan such things along with your destination wedding with us.

The next post wedding ceremony is Griha Pravesh, where the bride is greeted by her mother-in-law with Aarti and Tilak as she is regarded as Goddess Lakshmi in the family. After this, another ceremony is Mooh Dikhai. The bride is individually introduced to each and every member of groom’s family. The family members shower blessings upon her wishes the best for her new life. During this ceremony, the new couple also plays fun games and the winner of these games is believed to be the dominant position in their relationship. You can plan all these post wedding function with Rajasthan Royal Weddings in details as you plan your dream destination wedding.