Inspirational Garden Wedding Decor Ideas

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September 21, 2022

Inspirational Garden Wedding Decor Ideas

Approaching summer is a sure sign that the forthcoming weddings will be celebrated in open. Why not, that sounds a good idea and it is enough promising when the event gets celebrated in a garden or some open space at a destination wedding in Jaipur. This prospective thought is one of the inspirations to provoke the possibility of celebrating your wedding in a garden and most importantly, to grab the most promising ideas for decorations for a garden wedding. This article not only touches this exciting subject but also throws some fabulous ideas which you can use to make it a memorable garden wedding.

Benefits of a garden wedding:

There are a lot of inherent benefits of celebrating your wedding in a garden. Whether you are planning a destination wedding in Jaipur or somewhere else, your wedding décor will mostly comprise of the following advantages:

    You don’t need to have a separate floral setup as there is already one out there. This saves you a lot of work in planning and executing. Looking at the cost of flowers, it also saves you a lot of money.

•    Invitees cannot stop appreciating your affection towards the nature. Everyone loves staying close to nature and you are giving them an amazing opportunity.

•    You already have a photogenic backdrop and locations. That means the wedding photos are going to be extraordinarily awesome, full with natural colours and picturesque locales.

•    It goes without saying that garden is already a place blooming with romance and hence you don’t have to go finding romance elsewhere.

Decoration Ideas for the garden wedding:

While there is no second opinion that a garden for a destination wedding in Jaipur already presents abundant material to celebrate an event and that there will be enough colours and fragrances in the ambiance, you may still keep some wedding décor ideas up your sleeve.

•    Guests love to be seated on a well decorated table and for this, placing posies with artificial flowers is a great idea. Amid natural flowers all around, these artificial flowers though contrast but complement in a unique way.

    Accompany the dining dishes and glasses with linen napkins. They look especially beautiful and impressive in an open space event and for the garden wedding, this looks incredibly good.

•    Your invitees are welcomed at the entrance of the pathway to the wedding venue of the grandest wedding resorts in Jaipur. You can use hanging fabrics or flowers or a combination of both to give a special feel to the guests. As they walk through this well decorated pathway, you give them the red-carpet feel.

•    To make the evening of the wedding as captivating as the day, you can use white paper lanterns to cover the space. These lanterns trigger romance all over and also add extravaganza to your wedding.

    Hire special seat covers for the chairs of the guests. They won’t put any extra burden on your pocket but they will surely lift the overall influence of the wedding destination. You may include flowers and ribbons to tie the seat covers for extra creativity and magnificence.


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