Destination Wedding Packages at Hotel Lakend, Udaipur

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November 7, 2022
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November 7, 2022

Wedding Packages

Hotel Lakend, situated on the Side of Fatehsagar Lake,Udaipur. A lavish lodging planned and dedicated for homegrown and Global visitors, imperial weddings, and unique occasions like meetings and reunions are only the tip of the iceberg. Lodging Lakend is a 5-Star Select In with offices and staff that are slanted and prepared to give a significant encounter to visitors in all circles of neighborliness, offering fantastic administrations.

A wonderful celebration where two in-adoration spirits commitment to remain by one another in good and evil. Several families meet up to fill their hearts with more extraordinary joy. The celebration unites everybody for leaving on another excursion together.

The festival is more bubbly, assuming the plans are on par.The families ought to feel at ease, and everything united ought to be as indicated by their taste. The best spot where you can get this is Hotel Lakend, Udaipur.​

For a stay of two evenings, three days, and 150 visitors, the wedding at Lakend will evaluate up to around 27-30 lakhs INR + GST. For a sum of 200 visitors and same day-night bundle, the game plan will cost between 36-40 lakhs INR+GST.The additional charges for wedding arranging, mehndi,Haldi, stylistic layout, and so on are assessed at around 20-22 lakhs INR.

The hotel can deal with a most extreme limit of 200 visitors.To oversee them, Lakend guarantees thoroughly prepared staff. The staff is capable and holds a severe level of their separate fields. It is undoubtedly known that the visitors could be from various regions of the planet, so providing them with a taste of our culture is our obligation.