Udaipur Royal Weddings

Udaipur Royal Weddings
  • On 21 / September, 2017
  • Ashafak Shekh

Udaipur Royal Weddings

Rajasthan is well known for its cultural heritage and rich Rajputana culture. When we talk about Rajasthan in context of royal weddings and its culture Udaipur becomes the center of discussion. Udaipur is flag-bearer of Rajasthani culture and heritage and hence become the obvious destination for royal weddings.

Udaipur Royal Weddings are famous across the globe with their larger than the life attire and values. Many people dreams about royal wedding and explore the possible destination to host the event. Udaipur and Royal weddings are synonyms, one get the best exposure if they plan destination wedding in Udaipur.

Why Udaipur for Royal Weddings?

We at Rajasthan Royal Weddings (RRW) organize and plan Udaipur royal weddings since last 10 years. Being the leading destination wedding planner in Udaipur we often asked the question that why to choose Udaipur over Jaipur or Jodhpur for royal wedding. Our answer is simple please come and visit Udaipur once and you will get all your answers.

Apart from the beautiful destination wedding venues, Udaipur is well connected with Major Indian and international cities. Railway connectivity and road transportation is superbly in place as far as Udaipur is concern hence it becomes the obvious choice for royal or destination wedding. Rajasthan royal weddings conducts destination weddings in entire Rajasthan however un-paralleled beauty of Udaipur always catch the attention of hosts.

Cost of Royal Wedding in Udaipur

Cost is always subjective when we talk about Udaipur Royal Weddings however being the best destination wedding planner in Udaipur we at RRW provide you the estimate. The major costing factor is the destination wedding venue in Udaipur and number of pax you are looking. We have a wide range of destination wedding venues in Udaipur and you can choose the best suited venue as per your budget. As far as supporting arrangements like decorations, entertainment activities, musical night and celebrity management will cost you extra.

To know more about detail budget for Udaipur Royal Weddings feel free to contact our representative. We will help you to finalize location along with full event planning with our end to end destination wedding services in Udaipur.

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