Importance of Mehendi In Indian Marriages

  • On 5 / September, 2017
  • Niraj

Importance of Mehendi In Indian Marriages

One of the  important ceremony in Indian marriages is the mehendi ki raat. The beautiful bride-to-be adorns her hands and feet with striking designs made out of henna. As per the traditions, even the groom applies a little bit of mehendi on his hands as well as feet. The entire ceremony is a fun-filled event with every family member and close friends of the bride and the groom being a part of it.

But, apart from being a fun pre-wedding ritual, the mehendi ceremony also has a deep-rooted cultural significance to it. And, here we tell you all about the beautiful significance of mehendi in Indian marriages.

Even the color of mehndi is given high significance in Indian culture since the darkness of the color signifies the degree of husband’s as well as mother-in-law’s really like. It depicts really like as well as affection between the couple as it truly is believed which the longer it retains, the far more auspicious it truly is. The bride is traditionally not allowed to work in her husband’s residence until her mehndi’s color fades away fully.

Applying mehendi to the bride and the groom before the wedding is one of the oldest Indian traditions. The ceremony, however, entails an elaborate application of mehendi designs on a bride’s hands and feet. As for the groom, a mere token of application of henna is a mark of good omen.

Henna or Mehndi is also identified worldwide for it’s medicinal properties. It was, in reality, utilized like a cosmetic in earlier times because of its therapeutic characteristics. Mehndi is extensively adopted world wide like a conditioner as well as dye for hair by both men as well as girls. It truly is a purely natural dye which renders a lovely color on hair as well as creates a lustrous look. Also, mehndi is well-known for it’s cooling effects, therefore, utilized in hot climates in India as well as other nations. It may also support in lowering body temperature as well as soothe headaches, fevers, burning feet as well as even hysteria or a violent temper. It can enhance the luster of nails, is powerful in muscular rigidity as well as even in Jaundice.

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