Destination Wedding in Jaisalmer

Destination Wedding in Jaisalmer
  • On 28 / April, 2018
  • Niraj Shrimal

Destination Wedding in Jaisalmer

Wish to have Destination wedding in Jaisalmer, we can describe this place in three words – Beautiful, Romantic and affordable. Your dream destination wedding would come true at the city which stands tall on a ridge of yellowish sandstone and the crowned by the Jaisalmer fort. Take yourself to the journey in wonderland which ends up with tying knots while the fort; which seems to be build by pure gold at first look; is at your backdrop. Wow - It is giving the goosebumps!!! Wish to turn this into reality. Come to Jaisalmer for your budget / boutique destination wedding. This would surely be loved by all your relatives and friends.

Why Jaisalmer for Boutique Destination wedding?

There are not single but many reasons to choose jaisalmer as your destination wedding place. First the place has a synonym - The Golden City. Not only the Jaisalmer fort but the city itself was built with the yellow sandstone nd at the time of sunset, the same time when the bride and groom-to-be are at the stage for ceremony the city will shine like it is built from pure gold. Moreover the couple would always remember this as a royal day of their lives as they indulged into the relationship at this world heritage city.

Jaisalmer - It is Different

Second, the concept of destination wedding demands something different from the traditional one where the guests only enjoys few rituals. Here the budget destination wedding in Jaisalmer provides you not only the destination but the aura of royalty, tradition, colours and hospitality to enjoy but also the beauty where you can capture the moments of fun during wedding in desert. The local cultural performances and the food is unique, and Hey… who does not want those unique stuff to be part of their wedding too?

You can even plan to have camels at your destination wedding in Jaisalmer. You may make camels available for all your guest to visit nearby places upon request. Exciting and unique stuff!! Just tell us where you can get all these experiences at destination wedding.

Jaisalmer - place to get relaxed

Third, we all want to release our burden of monitoring and executing all sorts of arrangements for destination wedding in Jaisalmer. We search for wedding planners for same and that hits our pockets badly. But here is the place which offers you the resorts and hotels who are specialized in hosting budget destination weddings. They always make sure that you must not miss a moment to enjoy the two to three day gathering of your loved ones. The couple enjoys the most as cool breeze filled in love flows once the sun mellowed down during the day itself.

Last but not the least - As a couple don't you wish to photographed yourself in an intimate moment where you at a lake; that too in the Desert!!!

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