Budget Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Budget Destination Wedding in Jaipur
  • On 20 / April, 2018
  • Niraj Shrimal

Budget Destination Wedding in Jaipur

Have you ever been impressed with the glory of forts and palaces? Have you ever got fascinated with the royal lifestyle of Maharaja’s of Rajasthan? Have you ever dream of wedding in their style? Yes, we are asking you this and it is not a fairy tale. The couple around the globe may plan their boutique or budget destination wedding at the royal city of Jaipur. We all want to have the wedding to be in a different style. Gone are the days when you book an hotel at bride’s or groom’s–to-be city and asks guests to join in for rituals and blessings. That is a boring stuff!! Get ready to now plan your budget destination wedding in Jaipur.

Why Jaipur?

Jaipur is known for love, luxury, elegance, hospitality, history and royalty. Trust us the romance is in the air of Jaipur for more than thousand years now which makes this city a unique place for destination wedding. Be it a romantic story of Dhola - Maru or the love affair of Jodha – Akbar, the region has seen all and understand the relationships like no other city. There are hotels and resorts in Jaipur who are specialized in organizing a budget destination wedding in Jaipur. The couple would feel like there are the rulers of the world while being in Jaipur for two to three days for a destination wedding. Moreover you need not the services from the destination wedding planner. These hotels and resorts would take all stress and make you’re your day would turn out to be a on-of-its-kind.

Jaipur – It is different

While the perception is that the entire Rajasthan is all about forts, history and Rajputs; Jaipur has a lot more to offer. The exotic palaces and the scenic beauty of Aravalli hills would find you fancy and fill your destination wedding in Jaipur with whole lot of joy and fun. Try an imagine that you and loved partner getting intimate in the backyards of forts and top of hills where the Rajas used to have indulge in romance. Moreover the food Jaipur has to offer is second to none. The yummy platter is so “finger – lickin” good that there is a fair chance of guest being carried away.

Jaipur – City speaks for itself 

The pink city – oh yes! The colour of love was well painted here centuries ago. Just try and dream of your destination wedding in Jaipur which is ready to host the wedding for more than 250 years. The streets which never end, jewellery which is stands out for its uniqueness, the colours which spreads happiness and wishes you all luck for future endeavours, the arts which spread romance ad love forever, the elegance of welcoming the guests and what not!!! The city is filled with so many fortunes for boutique or a budget destination wedding in Jaipur.

You can’t ask for more if you are planning for a destination wedding in Rajasthan which fits well in your budget as well. Give it a thought. Your loved one would love it.

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