Boutique Destination Wedding

Boutique Destination Wedding
  • On 12 / April, 2018
  • Niraj Shrimal

Boutique Destination Wedding

Hey all newly engaged couples. Looking for an out of league destination wedding? This one would be helpful for you.

If you have a restricted budget but still planning to have a dream weeding, you may now plan an affordable budget destination wedding. There are many misconceptions about destination wedding, one of them is – “It is highly expensive affair”. Well, that’s not true when we look to explore more options. Rajasthan, a state filled with exotic locations, royalty and romance in the air, has emerged as most demanding location for destination weddings. Most of the weddings we came across via newspapers and other media sources were high profile which leads to a common man perception that having a destination wedding is a costly affair.

I have attended my cousin’s wedding this winter. Based on their expenditure they could have easily planned a boutique destination wedding in Udaipur / Jaipur / Jodhpur / Jaisalmer. To be honest their total expenditure for a two and a half day affair was around 30 - 35 lacs. Let us accept the fact that we all want to showcase our own world that who we are, while presenting the best of ourselves, excellent hospitality – food, stay, dance, music, lights, joy and what not! There has always been an urge within us to have a wedding which the family remember for a lifetime, but of course it should be in our budget. A budget / boutique destination wedding is the concept for same.

A budget / boutique destination wedding comes with lots of advantages over traditional weddings. Usually both the families like to have wedding at their nearby places for convenience but even in that, transport or travel cannot be avoided. A boutique destination wedding provides a common exotic and happening place for families to get together and enjoy at full with far less things to be taken care off. Relatives who are mostly now at distant places have to travel anyways, so why not to a fancy place which gives a memory of a lifetime. For A boutique destination wedding, the location chosen are not far off or in a remote location which are usually a highlighted feature in heavy weight destination weddings.

One can explore such locations in Rajasthan for a boutique destination wedding which is well in budget, exotic, romantic and which offers a memory of lifetime for relatives and friends who are joining in to shower their blessings and good wishes to the couple.

Another feature of boutique destination wedding is to have fully customised arrangements that may suit our family. A boutique destination wedding offers a full platter of arrangements from food & stay to logistics support to photo-shoot. Be it a DJ or the theme based decoration; everything can be customised as per choice of couple and their families. Let us be very clear – who do not wish to have such personalised wedding where a couple and their family can make a memory for everyone. Moreover when it all comes with the royal treat and hospitality of Rajasthan, isn’t it a dream come true for us!!!

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